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An Update from Mongolia

Hello all,

It’s been quite some time since I’ve updated my blog.  There hasn’t been too much happening since the last update, but I’ll give it a go.

Sometime in the Fall, Corey, a fellow PCV, made his way out to Khovd.  My counterpart helped him find a Khuumii (throat singing) teacher.  Here is a video of four different types of Khuumii.

In November, I went to Uvs Aimag (North of Khovd) for West Thanksgiving.  Wonderful food and great times were had by all.  I was also able to go to Ulaanbaatar this year (2012) for Thanksgiving thanks to required flu shots!

In December, we celebrated Christmas.  We got together with some other families in Khovd and had a nice time.

New Year’s was celebrated at my school for my students, at a club for my teachers, and around Khovd for volunteers.

Here are a few pictures from the past few months:


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Friday night we put together a small Halloween party for the Access students.  We watched ‘The Ring,’ had a mummy-wrapping contest, and bobbed for apples.  Check out the pictures and videos.

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A week or so ago, we headed to Bayan-Olgii for Eagle Festival.  Thursday and Friday were used as ‘seminar’ days.  Saturday, we we went about 30-45 minutes outside of the city.  It was quite unfortunate that I had to be back in Khovd for site visits on Monday because it meant that I would not be able to go to the festival on Sunday.  On Saturday, the two main events were a demonstration of the eagles and a timed horse race type competition (I’m not sure of the name.)

Since that time, not much has happened.  The site visit was good, but I wonder how effective it was because my director, mangers, and 3 teachers were not present for the meeting.  We mainly talked about how I can be more effective and productive in the 8 remaining months.

We had out first snow and it was absolutely gorgeous!  My counterpart called me early in the morning to tell me that it had snowed.  I had planned to stay in and watch newly downloaded movies and TV shows, but instead, I met up with three Russian volunteers and walked around the city and river.  It was the first time that I had seen Khovd completely covered in Snow.  Because of Khovd’s location, snow is normally dumped on the mountains surrounding the city.

First Snow of 2012

The temperature has risen once again and I’m able to walk outside in a t-shirt without a jacket.  I’m trying to enjoy as much of the warm weather as possible.  Last winter, it got down to -40, but overall it seemed like a mild winter.  Some of the local herders have said that this winter will be rough, but I’ve also heard that they say the same thing every winter.

On Saturday, Chuck came in from the countryside and we recorded some videos for a project that we are working on together.  Last year, Suzanne had an idea to work on a basketball seminar for the sport teachers in Khovd.  Because of the timing of other seminars and conferences, the plan fell through.  We are hoping to get the seminar going this winter/spring.  The videos that we recorded demonstrate different basketball mechanics and drills.  I’m going to put them all together and get Ganzorig or someone to help with including Mongolian subtitles.

The weather has put a hold on baseball camp plans.  I’ve talked to a few guys who really want to play and learn how to play.  I think I’m going to print off 30 or so copies of the translated pamphlet and put them around town.  If it remains warm, I am going to get people together to throw and hit some balls.  In the spring, I plan on doing a large camp in Khovd.

This weekend we are going to throw a Halloween part for the Access group.  Access is a group of students from the different schools who study English at the American Corner in Khovd.  This class is always a blast to teach!  It’s so much better than teaching at my school.  They are all quite motivated and know English quite well.  I am thinking about showing them one of the Paranormal Activity movies, mainly because they are easily scared and it’s funny.  I asked them if they wanted to go outside to a cemetery or something like that after the movie.  Half of the group is pumped about it, so we’ll see.  I showed them The Hunger Games last week and they loved it!  We have about 40 minutes left that I will show them tomorrow.

Check out the pictures!

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It’s been a few months since I’ve updated my blog and I know that many of you have been refreshing your browser constantly so that you’d be able to ready my next update.

I got back to Mongolia from America on August 20th.  After mid-service training, I came back to Khovd.  School started up on September 1st and I’ve been rolling ever since.  This year I seem to be a lot busier.  IImage decided to only teach a few classes every time they had class instead of many different classes of classes once a week.  My teachers and I have started giving students homework and I’m collecting it, grading it, and returning it every day.  Other than that, things seem to be the same.  Oh, I did finally get permission from my director to do an English Lab overhaul.  My grandparents graciously donated some supplies such as posters, cutouts, and a white board for the English Lab.  We moved half of the computers to others parts of the school, which opened up space to actually have class.  As of now, it’s only been used by me for English Club and English Olympics preparation, which is unfortunate.

Tomorrow I will head to Bayan-Olgii for the Eagle Festival with two other volunteers from Khovd.  We are going to do a small teaching seminar on Thursday and Friday. It should be an interesting trip.

Other than that, things seem to be pretty much the same.  School has been slow and not much has changed as far as teacher motivation and productivity.  I’m planning to do a few more baseball camps in the summer and then I hope to start studying a masters beginning in September of 2013.


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Hello everyone!

Summer is here and it’s time for be to head in to Ulaanbaatar to enjoy the summer.  If you didn’t know, I have been planning a 2-week baseball camp in Erdenet, Mongolia  That’s what I’ll be focusing all of my attention on between now and early July.  I will then spend a week in Shaamar, where I will visit my Mongolian family that hosted me for 3 months last June-August.  After that I will go into UB and wait for my flight to America!  I’m looking forward to seeing everyone, that I can, this summer.  Please please please check out the Mongolia Baseball Camp’s blog and check out all of the updates and what we’ve been doing in preparation!



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Check out these photos because I’m too lazy to write up a nice report!  Much love to all my peeps.


Be home in July/August for 1 month, then back to good ole’ Mongolia.

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So, it’s been a while since I’ve sent out an email.  This is because I’ve been busy (It’s a good thing in Mongolia).  School is finishing and I’ve been working a lot on the summer baseball camp that Nathan and I are organizing.  Last weekend, I went out to Mankhan Soum with other PCV’s for Andrew’s birthday.  Anyways, I feel like pictures are the best way to see what I’ve been up to…so check out this link for pictures!  You really should, because there are some awesome cave pictures from Mankhan! Seriously, check out the photos!


Also, please check out the blog for the Mongolia Summer Baseball Camp and follow that  blog as well!


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